Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood Mobile Game

Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood Mobile Game

Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood is an arcade adventure game with elements of horror and story games. This game has an interesting idea and is a fun fantasy for fans of adventure and horror games, but due to the low level of violence and fantasy of the game, this game is not so scary and maybe it can be just an action game or a Know the game in the Thriller genre.

Game story Of Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood

Although the general nature and story of this game are somewhat for younger audiences and also there is no news of violent and bloody scenes in the game. However, the psychotic story of the game can not be ignored.
A story that is strange, mysterious, and in turn scary. The story of the game is related to a mobile ice cream shop that has just come to your neighborhood.
The seller of these ice creams is a man who has a big hat like scary ice cream on his head and travels to different places in his van.
One day you are watching this ice cream shop from the window of your room and you realize that your best friend goes to him to buy ice cream, but this ice cream shop, which is a strange and evil man, freezes your friend with a special power and kills him. Robbed!

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