Crashlands Mobile Game


Crashlands is a new and fun role-playing game from Butterscotch Shenanigans. Take on the role of the main character of the game, Flux Dabes; Someone who is living his life as a truck driver, and you are accidentally harassed by Hewgodooko and goes off the road and now begins his mission to destroy this evil creature to the main goal Reach the land that is to establish peace.

To achieve its goal, Flux needs to search the planet, and by gathering various resources, it can provide itself with various tools and equipment, as well as various equipment and weapons. Of course, do not forget that a great flood of small and large creatures has blocked your way and it is your duty to overcome them and continue on your way. Of course, the philosophy of fighting these creatures is not limited to advancing the storyline, but one of the important goals is to destroy the enemies, items and resources that remain from them.

Some features of Crashlands Android role-playing game:

More than 500 different items to discover and unlock
Drilling, construction, and various works
Travel to different places in the world and meet characters
Use skills to defeat enemies
Create incredibly beautiful dedicated bases
Play in a very large world with many problems
Excellent design with very high graphic detail

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